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  Waste Acid generation from Pickle line in Steel industries is chemically treated in a process named as “Spray Roasting Technology”

The plant mainly consists of following major process equipments:
    Concentrated Pickle liquor, comes into contact with hot combustion product and reacts with the O₂ and H₂O to form Iron oxide as the following reactions take place.  
    Incoming hot gases from Roaster gets quenched.  
    Gases gets separated from liquid particles.  
    Packed column to allow absorption of chlorides from gases by Counter flowing water.  
    packed column where remaining traces of chloride & iron oxide particle gets trapped.  
    Disposal of waste gases at environmentally accepted altitude.  
    Collection of oxide from Roaster bottom.  
Acid Regeneration process is considered to be the most preferable technology available for treatment of Waste Acid generated from Pickling Line in Cold Rolling Mill.
There is no discharge generated from the Acid Regeneration facility resulting in “Zero discharge” concept which Safe guard the fertile soil from contamination from the chemical waste discharged from conventional treatment plant and avoiding the deterioration of underground water.
In this process desired concentration of Hydrochloric acid are re-generated and returned back to steel industries for use in the pickling line process and thus reduces demand of fresh acid purchase to a meager quantity.
Iron oxide (Fe2O3) produced in this process is a saleable product which is used as raw material for ferrites, pigments, glass industries thus improving the economics of Acid Regeneration Plant.
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